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Gift Aid 

Could I just say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who makes their donations by Gift Aid. With your help, we are able to increase the amount you donate by an extra 25% which we claim back from the taxman, HMRC. So a donation of £10 is actually worth £12.50 to us with the tax rebate.

Over the year, those amounts accumulate and grow into a significant sum of much-

needed funds for the Parish. By the end of this tax year on 5 April 2023, we expect to have claimed back between £6,000 - £7,000 in tax rebates.

That is a lot of extra income for the Parish which is only made possible by donors signing up to Gift Aid. 

If you are not a Gift Aid donor but are interested in signing up, there is an information sheet at the back of the Church, along with a Gift Aid donor form to complete. Please take one when you leave. The only requirement is that you pay tax in the UK (Income tax or Capital Gains tax) and that you pay more tax in a year than the amount of tax the parish reclaims on your donation. You can donate by cash or cheque in the weekly envelopes, or through your bank by standing order. 

if you would like to donate by card, you will also need to sign up for Gift Aid only once after donating via our website or our parish digital collection plate. After that every time you make a donation with the same card by our website or parish, it will be automatically Gift Aided. You will be given the option to Gift Aid future card donations. 

Please note, you must first complete Gift Aid paper form and later the digital for card donations.  


If you have already registered for Gift Aid by completing the paper form and would like to make a card donation you will have to sign up again and complete our digital form, only once, or each time you want to use a different card. Once you made a Gift Aided donation with a card, if you use the same card, you will not need to register for Gift Aid again. 

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